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NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: Although our physical center had to close permanently at the end of June 2020 due to the financial strains of Covid-19, we are pleased to tell you that IMPACT Parkinson’s Society is alive and well! We will continue to offer our unique program called Let’s Talk LOUD and continue to fundraise and support Parkinson’s in general.


In addition to fundraising for IMPACT we have raised over $10,000 for Parkinson Society British Columbia plus have volunteered our time at many of their various events over the last several years. IMPACT has also supported the Tour de Fox Pacific Northwest Ride for The Michael J. Fox Foundation (2018, 2019), the Me-n-Ed’s Charity Golf Tournament (2018, 2019), The Walter and Giant Cross Canada Ride (2019) and various other groups.


Since we do not have the monthly expenses it takes to operate a center such as ours this means that we can reroute donations to more programming. Please see below IMPACT PARKINSON’S SOCIETY COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP to learn how you can still support people fighting back against Parkinson’s.


PREVIOUS ANNOUNCEMENT: This global health crisis has affected everyone in one way or another. It has certainly affected our Parkinson’s fighters who can’t come to our center for their extremely important exercise classes nor participate in any of our other programs and workshops. It also means that the social support they receive from their peers, coaches, instructors and volunteers is gone.


PREVIOUS FUNDRAISERS: Of course, we closed our doors as soon as we knew that being in such close quarters may put everyone at risk. Three major fundraisers for IMPACT were also canceled/postponed (Improv for Parkinson’s on March 28, #BeerParky event on April 25, and Dinner event with Amaranthus on April 30) plus our Open House on April 5.


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Donations + Community Partnerships


Please contact IMPACT to find out how to make individual donations or to become a Community Partner:


Phone: 604-525-2631


Opened on March 19, 2018, IMPACT was the first of its’ kind in British Columbia where we provided a centralized, accessible and dedicated space to host a variety of beneficial Parkinson specific programs. Since our closure, we have adapted by offering virtual or in-person programs (if possible). 


IMPACT Parkinson’s Society was created to make an IMPACT on the quality of life for people living with Parkinson’s, and their families and friends, by offering programs that focus on MIND, BODY + SOUL. Parkinson’s is the second most common degenerative neurological disorder after Alzheimer’s. Currently, there is no cure.


We are still offering various opportunities for community partners such as businesses and individuals to support us in the ring for the fight against Parkinson’s!


Your participation will help ensure IMPACT has the resources in place to support existing programs in addition to develop and deliver new programming for individuals and families living with Parkinson’s. Please review the attached information package. We are very grateful for your consideration.


IMPORTANT NOTE: IMPACT received Incorporated Non-Profit Society status on January 13, 2019. Although we can issue a receipt for any donations received, being a Society, the receipt cannot be used for the use of claiming charitable tax donations. However, businesses can still claim any contributions as a business expense under promotion and/or advertising. We are working towards becoming a Non-Profit Charitable Organization in Canada. Thank you for understanding.



Your gift will help ensure IMPACT has the resources in place to develop and deliver excellent programming for individuals and families living with Parkinson’s. It takes administrative support, coaches, instructors, volunteers, and a lot of work to keep our programs going and growing!

All options are suitable for individuals and businesses.


Become a steady monthly champion in the fight against Parkinson’s!


Go the distance is a semi-annual partnership with supporters.


Ringside support can be planned giving via a person’s estate, in memory or in honor of someone you know who lost the fight against Parkinson’s, or a show of support for someone who is currently fighting back.


This is where we brainstorm and create a custom giving plan to suit you. Ideas include employer support (past or present), a special fund-raising event or activity, or even a one-time donation. Any combination works! Let’s rumble!


All supporters (if they wish) will be publicly thanked for their generosity by adding their name or company name and logo on our website and on our social media accounts and, depending on the level of donation, we will customize our gratitude to meet your needs.


We can help you IMPACT Parkinson's - MIND, BODY + SOUL